Outdoor Light Brackets

  • Potence N°5 Bracket

    The Potence N°5 Bracket is 0,50m in depth, 0,30 m in height and 2,2 kg in weight.

  • Potence N°4 Bracket

    The Potence N°4 Bracket is 0,50m in depth, 0,65 m in height and 3 kg in weight.

  • Potence N°1 Bracket

    The Potence N°1 Bracket has a depth of 0,75m, a height of 0,68 m and a total weight of 6,5 kg.

  • Potence N°3 Bracket

    The Potence N°3 Bracket is 0,80m in depth, 0,68 m in height and 5,5 kg in weight.

  • Crosse N°11 Bracket

    The Crosse N°11 Bracket is 0,60m in depth, 1,53 m in height and 9,5 kg in weight.

  • Crosse N°10 Bracket

    The Crosse N°10 Bracket is 0,50m in depth,  1,22 m in height and 5 kg in wight.


  • Potence N°9 Bracket

    The Potence N°9 Bracket is 0,65m, 0,60 m in height and 4,2 kg in weight.


  • Potence N°8 Bracket

    The Potence N°8 Bracket is 0,50m in depth, 0,48 m in height and 2,5 kg in weight.

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